Baby Steps

Let me premise this post by stating that I am not a minimalist. I am not here to guilt you into changing your lifestyle or lecture you about the way you currently live. With that being said, if you are interested in learning about minimalist habits like I am, you have found the right place. Here are five benefits of minimalism that are currently enticing me to make the switch.



  1. LESS CLUTTER. The more clutter that I see around my house, the more stressed I become. Reducing clutter in my home allows my mind to be at ease and relax.



  1. EASIER TO CLEAN. If you are like me, your version of cleaning is putting everything

back in its place and then being exhausted and calling it a day. A lot of areas in my home go without disinfecting for long periods due to how much time it takes to get to the bare surfaces. With less items on surfaces in your home, cleaning becomes much quicker and easier. Not to mention less nick-knacks = less dusting.


  1. SAVING MONEY. How many times a week do you catch yourself buying things that you

“have to get” because it’s awesome? How many of those things do you actually use or

enjoy regularly? I can be a compulsive buyer, but learning about minimalism has stopped

me from buying many unneeded items that will just clutter my home. This, in turn, has

saved me a lot of money that can be used for investing in more meaningful purchases or



  1. EASIER TO FIND THINGS. I am forever misplacing everything. My car keys, my phone,

the remote…you name it. If you are like me, you will appreciate this benefit to

minimalism. Imagine a world where you have a place for everything and everything has

a place. You will never have to spend a half hour searching for your keys only to find out

they are in your husband’s sweatshirt on the floor again…not that that’s happened to me

before or anything…


  1. LESS WASTE. Are you Earth conscious? There is nothing wrong with worrying about your

carbon footprint. Less purchases = less packaging and/or products that are going to be

relatively unused and then stored or trashed. Not Earth conscious just yet? Do you hate

having to store garbage bags full of trash in the house until garbage day or hate taking

out several garbage bags every week? Less purchases = less packaging and junk

products = less garbage = less garbage bags = less work taking the trash out. Now that’s

a math equation that I think we can all get behind.


Are you interested yet? If you are, stick around for tips, tricks, and education about simpler living. If you aren’t, stick around because the next post may do the trick.


Love Always,



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