Social Media

We live in a world that has us logged in at all times. Whether we are scrolling through Facebook, checking Instagram, Snapchatting friends,  or Tweeting throughout our day, we seem to always be connected to some platform. It’s an addictive cycle. Social media creates a dopamine high with every positive interaction we face. Every “like” or comment releases a bit more dopamine that leaves your body wanting more. It’s hard to imagine going a day (let alone a week) without any source of social media. Our bodies crave that feeling of acceptance and validation.


Not to mention that most of what we see on social media isn’t true reality. We see the highlight reels of everyone’s lives. We see their workouts, their vacations, their nights out, and their achievements. What we don’t see is those people’s real life struggles and frustrations. It can be difficult to not hold your life in comparison to the lives that you see on your social media sites. Just know that although those people may be happy and experiencing success in their lives, they are not perfect. None of us are perfect.


I have learned that if following someone on a social media site makes me feel badly about my life, I need to unfollow them. It doesn’t mean that I’m not happy for them, but somehow their posts trigger feelings about myself that I don’t wish to subscribe to. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your mental and emotional wellbeing. That includes checking out of those social platforms at times.


There is nothing wrong with enjoying social platforms. They can be informing, interesting, and fun. I love seeing what family has been doing, posting about my life, and keeping in contact with friends. There is a problem, however, with feeling that you have to be on social media at every free moment. I personally have deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I still have an account and check it pretty regularly, but I actually have to go through the process of going to the website and logging on. And not seeing the Facebook logo on my phone every time I unlock my screen makes me less likely to find myself scrolling aimlessly for hours. It’s all about balance.


I challenge you to pick a day and do not use any form of social media. Just for that one day. During that day, ask yourself these questions:

-How difficult has it been for me to stay off social media?

-Why do I think that is the case?

-Do I feel more free or relaxed?

-What have I been able to accomplish today with my free time?

-Will I be more apt to use social media sites less regularly?


Free your mind and remember your self-worth.


Love Always,



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