Hydration Hints

Hydration is a huge part of health. Dehydration can cause a list of symptoms including dizziness, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, and dry skin. I am guilty of not drinking as much water as I should. It’s not that I drink a lot of other fluids, but I just forget to drink during the day. I am working on being more cognizant of my hydration levels, but I have already learned a lot about the signs that my body gives when I need to drink more water.


  1. My lips and mouth will be dry. No matter how many times I apply chapstick, my lips will still be dry and start cracking. 
  2. I will think I am hungry, but even after eating, I am still hungry. Sometimes hunger can indicate the need for a larger water intake. 
  3. I will crave foods that are extremely water dense such as watermelon and strawberries.  
  4. I will feel dizziness or foggy-minded. It may become difficult for me to focus or think properly. 
  5. I will be tired and feel like I don’t have the energy that I normally have.


Now, how can I be sure to drink enough water in the day? Honestly, I say listen to your body. Make sure that you drink a full glass at each meal with a few more glasses of water throughout the day. At first, you will probably feel like you’re in the bathroom every fifteen minutes, but once your body adjusts to the amount of water you are drinking now, your bathroom time will decrease.


Additionally, beverages such as coffee, tea, and alcohol can dehydrate you and should be counted as negative glasses of water. These drinks run through your body very quickly and do not help to hydrate your body the way that water does. This just means you will need to drink these beverages in moderation.


Listen to your body. The more connected you are with your body’s needs, the easier it is to take care of yourself.


Love Always,



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