Mid-Year Resolutions

On a previous blog post I wrote a bit about how the word “Adventure” has lead my decisions this year. I did, however, have a resolution too. My plan was to read fifty books this year. I knew this would be difficult to do with a full time job, household responsibilities, and school, but I really wanted to encourage myself to get back into reading and making literature a priority.

By the middle of the year I realized that reading fifty books by the end of December was going to be a stretch. I had read about twelve books by June. I decided that instead of feeling like a failure or ditching my resolution all-together, I would re-evaluate my goal. Because some of the books on my to-read list were lengthy (including the Harry Potter series), I decided that a goal of twenty books by the end of the year was a reasonable feat.

I am currently working on book number eighteen and although I won’t hit my initial goal of fifty books in 2018, I am confident that I will surpass my adjusted goal of twenty books.

Why am I telling you all of this? When you find yourself reaching toward an unrealistic goal, it is easy to become discouraged and to give up all together. When you feel like this, I urge you to re-evaluate your goals and see if you can adjust your resolution to fit a realistic outcome. I don’t consider my reading resolution a failure for this year just because I will come short of my initial goal. I will have read over twenty books and last year I don’t think I even took the time to read one. That is over twenty more books than last year. I consider that a successful step in the right direction.

Don’t get yourself too hung up on the little things and forget to look at the big picture. Now I know that I can very easily accomplish reading twenty books in one year’s time. Next year I will shoot for reading forty books. And, with a little planning, I may even be able to surpass that goal and reach fifty books in a calendar year.

Don’t give up. Regroup and recharge yourself toward your goals.

You can do it.

Love Always,



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