Dress Your Happiest

Yesterday I posted about what it was like to be a vegan wedding guest. Today I want to talk about attire for events. I used to love dressing up (I was actually voted best-dressed way back in high school), but since the last five years of my life have consisted of scrubs and sweatpants, wearing anything else is outside of my comfort zone. I spent hours online shopping for a dress to wear, but couldn’t find a single thing that I would be comfortable purchasing, let alone wearing. So I decided in-person shopping was probably a better option.

My husband and I went to a local mall with my sister-in-law and her boyfriend. The first shop we visited, I found the perfect dress for my sister. She looked stunning. I didn’t even dare try anything on. I’m that person. The one who is super particular and self-deprecating in shopping situations. I’m not proud of it, but I am just being honest. I was dreadful when school clothes shopping was a thing. My poor mother. Long story short, we spent the next hour or so wandering through stores unsuccessfully. I don’t think I even tried anything on at that point. But we did manage to buy my husband dress pants (and coffee), my niece and sister each a pair of Crocs, and her boyfriend some slippers. So at least we were still being productive.

I had given up hope at this point. We decided to stop at one more store on our way back to the car. I couldn’t find a single dress that wasn’t either too short, too tight, or too expensive. But I did find a jumpsuit. And I loved it so much. This all black jumpsuit was completely my style, but I worried that it would be inappropriate for the occasion. I always thought that for a wedding I would have to wear a dress and heels. I would have to show some leg, but not too much. And all black at a wedding? Come on, it’s not a funeral.

So…I bought it. I decided that if this all-black-maybe-funeral-yet-still-pants attire is what I felt comfortable in, then that is what I would wear. We spend too much time worrying about what we are supposed to wear and what we are expected to do. I almost didn’t wear the outfit that I loved because I was worried that I wasn’t supposed to wear pants to a wedding as a twenty-something female. But you know what? I didn’t have to spend the night worrying about flashing anyone if my legs weren’t crossed correctly or if I was dancing. I felt incredibly powerful and beautiful. And I am so glad that I went with my gut.

Moral of the story: wear what makes you happy. Who cares if you’re the only woman wearing pants? Who cares if you are wearing all black? As long as you feel great and comfortable, then that is what matters. Because ultimately, you will be the one wearing that outfit all night. You will be the one wearing it in photos. The clothes will be in your closet. And if it makes you happy, then you need to do it.

Love yourself first. You are beautiful and it’s about time you start feeling beautiful too.

Love Always,



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