Tidy Your Life

A while ago I posted about rearranging my kitchen so that I could easily access my spices. Let me just say that it has made life so much better and I’m glad that I took the leap to change the tiny thing in my life that was holding me back. Today I want to talk about two other little things in my house that I recently changed and how they have drastically impacted our lives already.

Maybe it’s just me, but although my house is nowhere near perfect and ultra-tidy constantly, I hate living in disorganization. One of the most frequently cluttered areas of our house is the cupboard next to our front door. We have the tendency to walk in the door and drop everything from our hands and pockets onto the table. No matter how many times I clean it, we always seem to accumulate more junk. I finally decided that our system in place was not working and we needed to re-evaluate our process.

My first step was to see what kind of clutter we were accumulating. It was mostly mail, change, pens/pencils, and work equipment (badges and such). We now have a designated location in a basket on the wall for mail. This way it is easily accessible and it can be sorted when we have the time. Inside the cupboard we have three baskets. There is a basket for my stuff (my pens, headbands, and whatever else I try to leave on the cupboard), a basket for my husband’s stuff (badge, pencils, papers), and a basket for our dog’s stuff (her leash, doggy bags, harness, treats). We also have a little glass candle holder for change in the cupboard. That way we are each responsible for our own basket (okay, maybe I’m responsible for Mia’s basket too) and everyone knows where to find their stuff without cluttering our living room surfaces. This process has been relatively successful since we started about two weeks ago. It may take a bit of reminding and persistence to make organization a habit, but it will be so worth it!

The second place that I recently reorganized is our gift wrapping supplies. We have a large pink plastic tote that we shove everything in and it has always been a disaster trying to find what we need. We typically end up re-buying things because we either don’t want to have to go through the tote or we just simply can’t find what we are looking for. So, as a solution, I reorganized the entire thing. I paper-clipped the tissue paper together according to color. I used an accordion folder to further organize stickers, cards, ribbons, and other gift-wrapping supplies. We also have gift bags and boxes that I was able to organize in the tote. Having everything in one central location in a neat and orderly fashion makes it not only less taunting to get gift wrapping done, but it also stops us from buying unnecessary supplies.

What spots in your home drive you crazy or need a little TLC? Spend an hour this week listening to an audio book, podcast, or music while you reorganize this area in a way that better suits you and your family’s needs.

Love Always,



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