Home Sweet (Where Is) Home

I’m feeling the pressure today. Our living situation is unique – we rent from my step dad and it is his mother’s home. She, unfortunately, is not doing well and is currently on hospice care (she is dying). Her dementia is very bad and we think this will be her last holiday season with us on Earth.

Not only does this sadden me because she has been a grandma-figure for me for over half my life, but when she passes, they will start to fix the house up to sell. This will leave my husband, puppy, and I in the market to find a new living situation.

Because we have a large dog, our options are limited. We could rent an apartment or home for the time being, but the area we live in can be very dangerous where renting is an option. Also, with having a pet, a lot of nicer and safer locations will not allow us to rent. I can’t imagine leaving my dog behind, so unless we could find a safe/affordable/clean option that allows pets, renting isn’t really an option for us.

We have talked about buying a house, but I worry that we will get stuck in a home that we don’t love just because it is in our price range. Right now my husband is in school and I know that if we wait a couple years, we will be able to afford something that we will enjoy more. A house that will need work isn’t necessarily bad, but I want to love the home that we grow our family in without having to put a ton of money into it right off the bat on top of a mortgage.

Another option for us is to buy a piece of land and temporary housing (a winterized camper or tiny home) that we can live in for the years leading up to us completing building our own home. I don’t want to be in debt forever and we don’t need a huge home, but it would be nice to have a home that we built with our own two hands. Having land is important to us if we are going to stay in this area for a while, so we would rather spend the money on property and build a home later.

Time is not on our side, but that’s okay. I work best under pressure. We will figure out what works best for us and go from there. We have been through larger obstacles and this will be something to make us a stronger couple.

Whatever it is that is clouding your mind today, write down your thoughts, jot down those pros and cons, and get all of your frustrations out on paper. Give yourself a clear mind and figure out which adventure you want to take.

Love Always,



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