Frizz-free Self-care

I’m not one of those women who go to the salon to get their hair done regularly. Honestly, I haven’t been to a salon to get my hair cut in over a year and a half. I have decided to just trim my hair on my own in our bathroom. My experience with hair dressers has not been pleasant. I am sure that there are some stellar stylists out there, but in my area there aren’t many who know how to deal with my hair texture.

I have very fine hair, but it is curly. Let me tell you that frizz is a real thing. I cringe at the thought of a blow-dryer. Every time I go to the salon, no matter how many times I tell them I can’t use a hair dryer and that I will just let my hair air dry, they insist that they know what they’re doing and use the dryer anyway. And alas my hair becomes a puffy mess. I dread it. I’ve left salons in tears more times than not. I know it’s just hair, but when you finally decide to do something for yourself and invest money in your appearance and then leave feeling worse about yourself, it sucks.

I continue to style and cut my own hair. The last time I’ve dyed my hair was about two years ago and it was unfortunately from a box. I know, bad idea. I am glad that hair dyes and heating products are no longer a part of my routine, but I miss the self-care aspect of things.

So how can I pamper myself without the anxiety of going to a salon? There are a ton of options. I can use a face mask or paint my nails. I can convince my husband to give me a foot massage or enjoy a hair mask. I can take a warm bath or give myself a makeover. There are so many options.

Instead of making self-care a frustrating part of life, I can focus on creating pleasant moments in my day that recharge my energy. Even just drinking plenty of water, exercising, sleeping enough hours, and thinking more positively are huge self-care items.

What makes you feel good about yourself?

Do you make self-care an important part of your day?

Love yourself so you can love the people around you.

Love Always,



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