Small Business Holiday Shopping

In this day and age we have everything available to us with just a couple clicks. Any big league store is available online, but now small business have an online presence too. It’s important to buy local now more than ever. Local businesses help to boost local economy. With stores shutting down left and right, our money is being shipped to faraway locations via the inter-web. When we shop with local businesses, we are encouraging the salaries of neighboring artists/entrepreneurs who will shop locally and keep the wealth in our communities.

When you shop with small businesses you aren’t paying for a CEO’s mansion in the hills, but a little girl’s dance classes, a family’s groceries, a student’s schooling, and so much more. When a company only has one or two employees, the money is going toward building their business and supporting their families. By working with small business owners, you will get to know the people that are benefiting from your purchases. It’s a much more personal and meaningful interaction/investment.

With the holiday season in full-swing, there are countless opportunities to support local businesses. Handmade gifts are the best kind and even if you aren’t a super crafty person, you can get your hand on some awesome (and reasonable priced) homemade goodies. I know that I listed gift ideas on a previous post, but here are some specific to small businesses.

  • Craft fairs: It’s that time of the year where local churches and schools host their annual craft fairs. These are great events for finding amazing handmade gifts. Craft fairs are one of my guilty pleasures. Fleece blankets with crocheted edges, knitted scarves/hats, and jewelry are staples at any craft fair.
  • Facebook pages: This is a great place to find people with hidden talents from all over the world. It is especially easy to find local people who have side hustles that result in beautiful works of art. For example, I have been following a friend-of-a-friend’s page for a few years that’s called “Chalk it Up with Shianne”. She creates gorgeous chalkboard signs for any occasion. Birthdays, retirements, births, pregnancies, holidays, weddings, and so many more events have been decorated by her artwork. I eventually want to get a sign made for our home from her site. Check out her page to see what I mean! Chalk it Up with Shianne
  • Etsy: I’m sure you have heard of it before. So many gifts that my husband and I have bought for each other have been from Etsy shops and we have loved each and every one of them. Several of the people that I know even host their own shops on the site. A woman I went to high school with has an art page on Etsy filled with magnets, stickers, ornaments and other projects that she has created herself. It amazes me what creative minds can come up with. I even bought some handmade custom ornaments from her for Christmas presents. Not only are the items beautiful, but I know who my money is going to. Do you? Take a look at her site to see what I mean! Morgans Art & Photo
  • Desserts: Are you super busy with holiday festivities? Maybe this is the year that you contract your desserts out. Have a local baker create your family’s pies, cupcakes, and/or cookies. My mom’s friend bakes all of my brothers’ cakes and I know a woman who is an impeccable baker and has made a birthday cake for me. A lot of people offer their services around holiday time for pies, cookies, cupcakes, and pastries. Reach out to friends and see if they know of any talented bakers for hire this season.


Are you struggling with gift-giving this year? Reach out to small businesses for gifts that will not only be beautiful and personalized, but that will help grow talented artists’ skills.

Love Always,



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