Holiday To-Do List

Deck the halls, sing the songs, and enjoy the merry Christmas season. This year, I have decided to make a “bucket list” of things that I want to do and experience over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. What is on your “must do” list for the holiday season? Comment with your favorite things to do/experience in December.

  1. Tour of Lights: Growing up, we always took a trip to a local cul-de-sac that was impeccably decorated. Every year they would have hundred of lights, inflatable decorations, and Santa with Christmas music blasting. I want to visit those lights again this year and build new memories with my husband at a place that was memorable in my childhood.
  2. Dec(orate) the Halls: Some of our decorations are out, but we have yet to put up our tree. We will probably only have the fake tree up this year, but I will make sure our home is decorated for the holidays.
  3. Baking: I want to try making vegan cookies for the first time this holiday season! I am thinking an oatmeal and dried cranberry cookie, but who knows what I will find…Baking is definitely not my forte, but who knows, I may be able to pull it off.
  4. Dish to Pass: I think I have finally hit the age where I should be bringing a dish to family gatherings. Being vegan and having an extremely non-vegan family, we will need to bring all of our own food. But this year I am planning to bring a dish for everyone to enjoy at each of the parties we go to.
  5. Holiday Party: I think we will be hosting a holiday party with my husband’s school clinical group. I don’t know any of them, but I am going to make the best of it. I’ve been in the mood to host gatherings, so I will take any excuse to plan a party.
  6. Time to Relax: This year I want to finish all holiday shopping at least one week before Christmas. I always find myself braving the crowds on Christmas Eve, but this year I want to spend the days leading up to Christmas relaxing and enjoying family time.
  7. Rejuvenation: I vow to do one thing per day to positively affect my mental health. Whether it’s a bubble bath, journaling, coloring, meditation, or anything else I feel like, I am planning to take care of myself in this hectic time of the year.
  8. Singing Carols: I want to listen to Christmas music without guilt. In the car, at home, and at work…it’s only for a few weeks!
  9. Cinema: I want to watch at least two new Christmas movies this year. Yes, I am talking about those cheesy lovey dovey movies. I usually hate the romantic movies, but there is something about Christmas season that makes them charming.
  10. Eat Balanced: I hope to not pig-out on all of the junk at holiday parties. Sure, I am going to enjoy some treats, but I want to end my year in balance.


What are your ideas and plans for the holiday season?

Love Always,


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