Smoking Cessation

Everyone has their vice(s). I have been vaping for several years (I switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping) and no, I am not proud of it. But guess what, I finally quit last week. No more nicotine and no more chemicals. It is about time I took control over this part of my health. Habits are formed in 21 to 28 days and breaking habits take time too.

It has been a rough week. I have been more agitated and anxious in the past seven days than I have been in a long time. My patience has been worn thin and I feel on edge. This process has made me realize just how much I relied on my addiction. I always told myself “I’m not addicted. I can stop whenever I want. It’s not a big deal” (cliche, I know). This process has been so much harder than expected and I still have a long way to go. When I wake up, I crave nicotine. Not to mention after I eat, when I am in the car, and when I see someone else vaping/smoking. It sucks, but I don’t want to live another day “needing” something to handle life’s stress.

Additionally, as a nurse, I am supposed to advocate for patients’ health and educate them on how to live a healthier lifestyle. How can I, in good conscious, do that while being addicted to nicotine myself? Frankly, I’m a hypocrite.

There is no time like the present. Instead of thinking “maybe later” I am thinking “why not now?”. Once I get over this hurdle, things will be easier. My health will be better, my insurance will be cheaper, there will be less frivolous expenses, and I will be free from my addiction.

Are you in for the long-haul? It’s time to kick that addiction before the new year. Stop saying “later” and start acting toward your goals.

I am one week in the right direction; where are you?

Love Always,



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