Binghamton Charm

There are so many under-rated towns and cities around the country. Binghamton, NY used to be a prosperous city filled with the railroad system and large companies. Living in the area, I know a lot of the awesome secrets and must-see spots in town. Here’s a guide for the Binghamton, NY area – because we are totally underrated and you should definitely come check us out!


  • Confluence Park – This is a place that I have photographed dozens of times. It is complete with a walking bridge, confluence of Chenango and Susquehanna rivers, tunnel, stone steps, and so many other little features. This is the place where my husband proposed to me and we had our engagement photos, so I am partial, but it is a must-see if you are in the area.
  • Recreation Park – I went to this park as a kid when my step-grandma was watching us. There is a public pool and carousel open in the summer. They also have a playground, “tree house”, basketball court, baseball field, and tennis courts. It’s a nice place to go for a walk (or a jog) with your pup or take your kids to play on the equipment. They even host events such as tennis tournaments and fundraisers at the park!
  • Otsiningo Park  – This is another awesome park that offers plentiful walking trails and events throughout the year. Several years ago I photographed a Buddy Walk (in support of Downs Syndrome) at the park and they annually host The Spiedie Fest & Balloon Rally on the grounds. They also have Christmas lights on display in December for the public to view. This is another awesome photo spot – especially if you know your way around the park. They also have picnic tables, grills, gazebos, volleyball nets, and playgrounds available.



  • Floyd L Maines Veterans Memorial Arena  –  My husband and I love attending Binghamton Devils hockey games! It’s a suspense-packed night full of new friends, food, and fun. There is always so much energy at the games…it’s infectious! They often have school choirs singing the national anthem and/or kid’s hockey tournaments during intermission. One of my younger brothers has played hockey for seven years and every year he gets to play during one of the intermissions – it’s one of the highlights of his season.
  • The Forum  – This theater has so much character and hosts many performances. I saw Dirty Dancing there this year with some of my family and it was sooo good!
  • Skate Estate – I have so many childhood memories of this place! As a teenager, I used to go skating with one of my friends almost every weekend. I vaguely remember having a birthday party there way-back-when and I have even enjoyed it over the last few years. They also have laser tag and arcade games to entertain your kiddos.
  • The Shaman’s Den – This tattoo parlor and piercing palace is one of the best in the area. If you are looking to get some new ink and/or a new piercing, check out their work! They are appointment only and they book out pretty far, so schedule in advance!
  • Binghamton University – If you are looking to catch a game, this is an awesome option! I went to a BU basketball game many years ago and it was so much fun and super affordable for tickets! They also host other events, so take a look at their events calendar.
  • SUNY Broome – This is an awesome place to ice skate indoors! They are a college and also host events for the public – check out their events calendar for details.
  • Robot City Games  –  If you are a gamer, you are going to want to stop by this arcade. We have yet to visit, but it has over 120 games in the arcade including over 30 pinball machines. I have heard awesome things about it and it’s definitely on our to-do list by the end of the winter.



  • 205 Dry – Let me just say that this place is AWESOME. I have been there only twice, but not only is the environment super cool, but the food is great too. It’s set up like an old-fashioned speakeasy – you even have to find the door handle on the bookshelf to make your way into the bar. When you walk in, it’s like going back in time.  I wish I had photos to share with you. They have several great options for vegetarians and vegans alike. As for alcohol, they have a whole menu!
  • Galaxy Brewing Company – Not only do they make their own beer in house, but they have an awesome hummus board. We have only been there once, but the the food was super affordable and looked really good! We had the hummus sampler which was like three different things of hummus with veggies, pita, and fruit to eat it with. Honestly, it was delicious. We keep saying that we are going back to have it again…maybe this weekend we will. They have bands play there regularly and have events such as holiday parties too.
  • Water Street Brewing Company  –  I am going to be honest, we don’t usually come here for food, so I am not sure how it is. BUT their beer is amazing and they make it right there in house. They always have new flavors featured and you can buy a glass while you’re there or take a growler home with you. The staff is super cool, there is a whole shelving unit with board games to play, and they regularly host bands and events. We will go here just to try out their new beer flavors and take a growler home of our favorite.
  • Cyber Cafe West  –  My husband wanted to go here for about a year and we finally visited last week. It was a cute little cafe that would be a great place to study and have a coffee or some tea. I had a pomegranate tea and it was delicious! Just tell the staff if you have any dietary restrictions and they are really great about working with you. They have trivia night, bands, karaoke, and other event nights. Not to mention, they have a few arcade games that you could check out.
  • Strange Brew  –  This small cafe is an awesome place to grab a coffee or brunch. Not only is the decor adorable, but it is right in town and easily accessible. I haven’t been there since becoming fully plant-based, but I do remember them having a lot of vegetarian options.
  • The Garage  –  This place. Yes. Their food is amazing and their drinks are both beautiful and delicious. We have not been here since becoming plant-based eaters, but on their website it looks like they have many vegetarian options and there are easy ways that you could adjust the vegetarian dishes to fit a vegan lifestyle. In the summer time, the garage-styled door opens up for indoor/outdoor seating.


Yeah, we are a small city, but we have so much to offer. If you ever find yourself in the area and want to know about local places that aren’t listed here, feel free to comment or message me! I am planning to post soon about local towns and must-see places right outside Binghamton soon.

Travel frequently and live fully.

Love Always,



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