Transforming Space

The front room in our house has been transformed in to many things over the past two years that we have lived here. At first, it was a photo studio with backdrops, boudoir setups, props, and lights. Next, it was my Mary Kay office complete with a table for makeovers, a couch for consultations, and shelving for stock to be displayed. After that, the room became a “chill spot” with a skeleton tapestry, couches, beanbag chairs, a lava lamp, incense, and area rugs.

Since then, we have gotten new furniture, so the previous stuff is calling the front room it’s home. This week we are getting rid of the oldest of the furniture which means that we will be able to use the front room as more than just a storage space again.

We have decided that this time our front room is going to be for relaxation. We are going to put our hammock on the stand in there along with some poufs on the floor, an area rug, and a small table. With an essential oil diffuser,  lava lamp, Amazon Echo Dot, and books in front of the large windows, it will be the perfect space for us to unwind and relax.

Do you have a space in your home that goes unused? Maybe it’s time to transform the space into a place that will suit your interests and needs. Whether that is a game room, family room, library, crafting room, office, or relaxation room…make it a place that you will love and actually spend time in.

It’s your home, your space, and your time.

Love Always,



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