This year has included a ton of downsizing for us. I have donated about a dozen bags of clothes, a bunch of books, movies, and other miscellaneous things. There are still a lot of things that I would like to donate, but I think it’s been a great start.

We started by going through our entertainment belongings. We gave a number for each type of item (DVDs, games, books,…) and we were only able to keep that amount. For example we limited ourselves to twelve movies. We each picked six movies that we would want to watch regularly and the rest were donated.

When it came to clothing, we took everything out of our closet and thought about how often we wear each item. If it wasn’t something that I regularly wore, it was donated. I got rid of things that I would wear “if” I lost weight, had an event, or went to a destination. Let’s be honest, if I’m not wearing it regularly now, it’s not worth the realty in my closet.

You could also have a capsule wardrobe which would be done similarly to how we went through our entertainment stuff. By limiting your wardrobe to 5 shirts, 5 pants, 5 accessories… there isn’t the stress of figuring out what to wear. We normally wear the same few things over and over anyway.

Make sure to donate your gently used items instead of throwing them in the garbage – by donating them, you are giving your belonging another chance at life and decreasing your impact on the environment.

Living a more minimal lifestyle is about little purges that we do regularly as much as it’s about purchasing things with intent.

Love Always,



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