Fearing the Hunt

We are officially house shopping and it is both exciting and terrifying. The house that we are renting right now (my grandmother’s house) is going to be on the market soon, so we are hustling to find a new living situation. We toyed around with the idea of renting, but ultimately buying seems to be a better option for us. We started searching and found a nice home in a familiar neighborhood that is close to family.

My husband is in college for his nursing degree, so right now my job is our sole income. This means that I will have to make the phone calls and plans necessary for this journey. If there is one thing that you need to know about me, it’s that I hate talking on the phone. It’s such a weird phenomenon. Half of my job is spent on the phone with insurance companies, pharmacies, and patients and it doesn’t bother me much, but when it comes to making my own personal calls, I am terrified.

One of my coworkers gave me some good advice today when I confided my fears in her. She told me to pretend that I am at work and that it is my job to make those calls. So I put on my professional voice, faked confidence, and called the realtor. And do you know what happened? Well, for starters, the world didn’t end. We have an appointment with the realtor to see the home we like. I contacted a mortgage agent at our bank. We will just keep swimming.

Sometimes in life we have to do the things that terrify us, but once we do those things, we realize that what we fear is the unknown. I don’t fear making phone calls because I think it’s going to hurt me, but because I don’t know what the person will ask or say. I don’t fear spiders because I think they will kill me, but because they catch me off guard and I don’t know what they will do. But once those things are taken care of, I always realize that it wasn’t so bad and next time will be a little easier.

Try to focus on the benefits you will get from overcoming those fears. If making phone calls will help us acquire a house, then it is worth it. If being on a cliff will allow me to enjoy the view,  then maybe it’s worth it. Growth comes from going outside of our comfort zone and making ourselves uncomfortable.

We might not like it now, but it may change our lives for the better.

Love Always,



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