50 Nifty Winter Ideas

Winter is in full swing. What are you hoping to accomplish this season? There are so many great things to experience as snow begins to illuminate the sky. If you are stuck in a rut and unsure what to do in the cold months, don’t worry – I have your back.

  1. Snowball Fight
  2. Build a Snowman
  3. Go Bowling
  4. Visit an Arcade
  5. Movie Theater
  6. College Basketball Game
  7. Local Hockey Game
  8. Make a Snow Angel
  9. Exercise Class
  10. Experience a New Museum
  11. Take a Walk in the Snow
  12. Nature Sight Seeing
  13. Indoor Water Park
  14. Get a Massage at a Spa
  15. Visit Your Local Library
  16. Board Game Night
  17. Indoor Rock Wall
  18. Pottery or Painting Class
  19. Tour a Brewery
  20. Indoor Trampoline Park
  21. Volunteer at a Homeless Shelter
  22. Donate Blood and/or Platelets
  23. Indoor Mini Golf
  24. Volunteer at an Animal Shelter
  25. Photograph Winter Landscapes
  26. Indoor Hydroponic Garden
  27. Be a Soldier’s Angel
  28. Have a Pen Pal
  29. Downhill Skiing
  30. Cross-Country Skiing
  31. Go Sledding
  32. Snowboarding
  33. Learn a New Craft
  34. Crochet a Blanket
  35. Bake Cookies
  36. Go Through Your Closet and Post to Poshmark or Donate to Consignment Store
  37. Start a Scrap Book
  38. Rearrange Furniture in Your Home
  39. Start a Blog
  40. Binge Watch a TV Show on Netflix or Amazon Prime
  41. Start a Side Hustle
  42. Build a Bug-Out Bag (More on that later)
  43. Try a New Restaurant
  44. Take a Cooking Class
  45. Create/Re-evaluate Your Budget
  46. Write Poetry
  47. Learn to Play an Instrument
  48. Learn About a New Skill (for example, survival skills or makeup skills)
  49. Start a Bullet Journal
  50. Meditate


There are endless opportunities to enjoy this winter season. Which option above will you be taking advantage of? Live in the moment and create new memories.

Love Always,



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