Impressionable Future

So much of the person we are today was taught to us and molded from our childhoods. From our values to our self-esteem, we start picking up on ques at a young age. Being an adult now, I have started to think about the affect that what I say and do will have on the children around me.

I remember being an impressionable young woman and looking up to other females around me. Hearing the critiques that adults had about themselves made me, in some respects, more critical of myself. It was hard to be confident in myself when women who I thought were beautiful would talk  about their “flaws” frequently. Weight was a big factor in these discussions. I want to premise this by saying that I have been 5′ 6″ and curvy since I was in the sixth grade. It was frustrating for me to hear women who were smaller in stature than me to negatively comment on their weight.

If and when I have children, I want to try my hardest to refrain from using negative self-talk around them. Weight can be such a dangerous topic and I don’t want my daughter (or son) to feel like their worth is correlated to the number on a scale. It can be incredibly easy to become obsessed with weight, weight-loss, diet, and food consumption which is a slippery slope to begin at any age, let alone as young person.

The things we say often affect the people around us more than we realize. We should focus on positive self-talk and influencing those around us to think more positively.  We should be molding our future leaders into strong and independent individuals instead of instilling our own self-doubt into the children growing around us.

Live radiantly for yourself and your loved ones.

Love Always,



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